Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update for Aug. 12 Charlotte Search Engine Marketing Meeting

Keith Schilling updated Charlotte SEM members this week with details about the August 12, meeting:

SEO & Usability - August 12th

Les Porter along with our special guest for August, Ben Ullman, will be presenting on SEO & Usability. Ben Ullman is the Senior Visual Designer at Bank of America and currently focuses on User Experience design for online banking and e-commerce. This includes branding and standards governance, interaction design, user interface design and production, identity and icon design, information design, and presentations.

A few topics that will be discussed are:

- Customizing the User Experience
- Learn how to minimize distractions
- "You are not the user"
- Web Standards
- Good Markup for Good SEO
- Anticipate User Flow

We'll discuss how usability plays an important role in SEO and what you can do to improve yours.

You can find more details about the Charlotte SEM group at http://www.semclt.com/.

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