Wednesday, December 2, 2009

See My Charlotte Observer Columns Online Now

You can now see my Charlotte Observer columns online.  Please feel free to comment! I know the link is crazy long, but it's actually a search on my name, so you can go to the page that lists all the articles I've done.*&sf_meta_site=CharlotteObserver2&

Happy Holidays & Charlotte SEMCLT Group Meets Tomorrow!

Happy Holidays to everyone! I apologize that this blog has been largely ignored throughout the month of November.  I, like everyone else, tend to get completely, maddeningly busy during the holidays.  And since being laid off in June from a full time copywriting job and now having exhausted my unemployment, I have picked up extra hours as a part-time retail manager at Southpark mall's Janie & Jack store (owned by Gymboree).  And you know how the retail world is during the holiday season--a lot of crazy hours. 

I am still interviewing for full time copywritng/content manager roles and am hopeful (and very prayerful) that something will soon work out so that I can have a more normal schedule again.  With two small kids, I definitely need it!

All that said, I am very excited about tomorrow evening's Search Engine Marketing of Charlotte group's holiday party.  It's currently booked full (so glad I RSVP'ed early), but if you want to see the agenda, check out  The evening's topic will be about social media with several area leaders on a discussion panel.  Should be good stuff--I'll update my next post with key highlights.  And the group usually has streaming video and a video podcast available for those unable to attend.