Monday, September 21, 2009

September Update: My Whereabouts

Hello all! I so appreciate my blog visitors and especially those who contribute to the discussions with their own comments.  I like to maintain weekly posts, but unfortunately, that's been difficult this month.  My father, who lives in Illinois--a long way from Charlotte--was hospitalized with pneumonia over Labor Day weekend.  He was in the hospital for six days, and I stayed for another week after that just to be a "mother hen." :) Blessedly, Dad is now getting back to his old self!

I also stayed a little longer for another reason:  While I was in Illinois, my great Aunt Grace, who was 90,  passed away.  It wasn't entirely unexpected, as she had had several close calls throughout the summer, but she was a fantastic lady who is dearly missed. 

Well, between all that and a sinus infection, a severely bruised foot and sore muscles from all the yard work I did while in Illinois, I haven't had a chance to update the blog!  I've got a couple cool topics, though, that I'll be posting on this week, so please check back.  I'm also attending the two-day Social Media Marketing class with Corey Creed this week.  So, everything is just about back to normal!!!

Have a wonderful, blessed week!!

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